The reason why Sylvester Stallone does not return to the third work of “Creed” ─ Michael B. Jordan reveals

Creed]Series 3rd work “Creed III (original title)“But,Michael B. JordanIt’s underway under the lead and director,Sylvester StalloneButRocky・ It is known that he will not return as the role of Balboa. Why did one of the people who supported the series as a producer and an actor come here and leave?

In early April 2021, including Adonis Creed JordanTessa ThompsonAnd Phylicia Rashad continued to cast as a cast, while Stallone himself admitted not to continue. It is not possible to worship Rocky’s support for Adonis as a coach in the next work, but the reason is not mentioned by himself.

Meanwhile, Jordan, who has taken on the role of not only the lead role but also the director in this work, explains the reason in an interview with IGN in the United States.

“I think he had revealed himself that he wouldn’t return in this film, but his essence and spirit is … there will always be a little Rocky element in Adonis, but this is It’s just a Creed series, and I want to create a story and a world where Adonis moves forward. Of course, I respect and love what he has built, but Adonis’ future and him. I want to portray the family I’ve built. I hope you like what I’m thinking and what we’re trying to create. I have a feeling that something special will happen. . “

“Creed In Creed II (2018), not only Adonis but also the story of Rocky facing the past and moving forward was drawn. From that, Rocky will be in the futureNot in the boxing worldThe rest of the time as a human beingI will spend it.

The script is from the producerRyan CooglerWritten by the up-and-coming Zack Baylin of “King Richard” and Keenan Coogler of “Space Players” (released in August 2021). In addition to Jordan and Ryan Coogler, it has been revealed that Irwin & Charles Winkler, William Chartoff and others will return from the previous two works.

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