The remake version of “The Bouncer of the Wilderness” has started in earnest ─ The role of Django is “Old Guard” Matthias Schoenaerts

Macaroni Western movie masterpiece, directed by Sergio Corbucci“Continued Wilderness Bouncer”It turns out that (1966) will be remade in a TV drama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter and others, the title remains the same as the original title of the movie.“Django”..The series consists of 10 episodes, and the main character, Django, plays the role of “Old Guard” (2020) and “A Hidden Life” (2019).Matthias SchoenaertsPlays.

1860s-70s, western United States. Sarah and John, who are lovers, have arrived in New Babylon, a town where drifters gather. It is a land where people of all races, men and women of all beliefs and pasts warmly welcome each other. Meanwhile, after his family was killed eight years ago, Django, a man who believes in his daughter’s survival and pursues his fate, visits New Babylon. The “daughter” that Django discovered was Sarah. Sarah, who is about to marry John, feared that New Babylon would be at stake as long as Django stayed in town. However, Django, on the other hand, is already in a dangerous situation in the town and tries to stick to his will not to lose his daughter again ….

As you can see from the synopsis, this work isAn original story based on “Continued Wilderness Bouncer”, with the concept of “recreating” while planning a remake... Italian production company Cattleya, “The Eddy” (2019-) produced by Atlantic Productions, the series’ artistic director & episode 1 director of the popular Italian drama “Gomorrah” (2014-) Francesca Comencini is in charge. The script is written by Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli.

The drama “Django” will be broadcast on Canal + stations in France and Sky stations in Italy and the United Kingdom. World distribution rights are held by StudioCanal. The shooting will start in May 2021.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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