The roles of Cisco and Harrison Wells will be withdrawn from the DC drama “Flash” ─ Season 7 is the last

DC ComicsPopular drama「THE FLASH/flashIs the main characterCarlos Valdes as Cisco RamonTom Cavanagh who played Harrison Wells and Iobert Thorne all leftIt became clear to do. The US Deadline reported.

“THE FLASH” is currently being broadcast in the US in Season 7, but Valdes and Cavana will not continue in Season 8.

Both Cisco and Wells are important characters indispensable for “THE FLASH”. Cisco has been around since Season 1 as a close friend of the main character, Flash / Barry Allen, and as a member of Team Flash. He is a tuned scientist who gives humor to the drama by giving him a nickname every time a new metahuman appears and appearing in a unique T-shirt. Gradually, he will awaken his ability as a metahuman, and will also play an active role as a “vibe”.

The character played by the cabana is a good representation of the multiverse world setting of “THE FLASH”. Harrison Wells has appeared in different versions from different Earths, and Wells with completely different personalities colored the story. It also appeared as the villain Iobert Thorn, who is hostile to Flash, and became an indispensable part of the story.

Why are they leaving the series? Screen Rant has reported that the original appearance contract has expired. In fact, the contract for the appearance of the Cavana as Wells had ended in Season 6, but it seems that it was extended due to changes in the production schedule due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. As a result, Cavana has made regular appearances up to episode 3 in Season 7, which is being broadcast in the US, but has not been credited since then. Valdes, who plays Cisco, is believed to have terminated his original seven-year appearance contract. Both of them did not reach the extension.

Eric Wallace, executive producer of the drama, said, “Tom and Carlos have been an integral part of the last seven seasons. I’m very sorry. They’re both great talents and fans around the world. He made a character that is loved by viewers, so we are happy to welcome the re-appearance. “

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