The sequel to “Black Panther”, the purpose is Chadwick Boseman’s “Keeping the Light” ─ Nakia’s role “Mentally and emotionally correct”

movies”Black panther(2018), actor Chadwick Boseman has passed away for eight months.Inheriting the will of Chadwick, who left behind a lot of legacy as an actor, nowMarvel・ The studio is “Black Panther 2(Tentative title) ”is being produced.

Under these circumstances, he played Nakia in “Black Panther”.Lupita NyongoHowever, he expressed his feelings about the sequel being produced in the absence of Chadwick. He said in an interview with Yahoo.

“” Are you looking forward to continuous casting? I’m often asked, but I don’t have the word “fun”. I’m very pensive and think about “Black Panther 2″. ” Nyongo reveals the present inside of his chest like this. “I can’t even start imagining what it would be like to enter a shooting scene without him」。

On the other hand, Nyongo also said, “But we have a leader named Ryan who has the same feelings and the same heartfelt sadness,” and will continue to cast in “Black Panther 2”.Ryan CooglerI trust the director.

Cougler is one of the people who has been asked about the fate of making a sequel in the absence of Chadwick. In the past, he sometimes talked about sadness, saying, “It’s the hardest part of my career,” and he revealed his positive thoughts toward production, saying, “Even if you lose a loved one, you still have to move on.” There was also. Nyonggo, who begins to move forward with such director Coogler, talks about the significance of the sequel and the approach for that.

“His (Kugler) idea, and the way he reconstructs his second film, is a great respect for the sense of loss he has experienced as a world.I think making a sequel is both mentally and emotionally correct.And hopefully, what I’m looking forward to is that everyone got together again, paying homage to what he (Chadwick) started with us.Keeping his light through the sequel.He left us a lot of light, and we will be in that light.. That’s for sure. “

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