“The Switch” high school girl is quickly frozen by a high school girl (murderer) ─ The main video of the shock is released

Of the “Happy Death Day” seriesChristopher LandonSupervision,Blumhouse ProductionsProduction, new movie “The switchWill be released in Japan on April 9, 2021 (Friday). The classmate, the content is a serial killer. This time, the main video that captures the shocking scene where a high school girl is quickly frozen in the hands of a murderer demon has arrived.

Millie (Catherine Newton), a high school girl, spends her days at home mourning the bereavement of her husband and drowning in alcohol, and her sister, a police officer, who endures harassment at school. Millie’s comfort is only the time spent with her best friends Naira and Josh. I had a sober and boring high school life. However, one night, Millie is attacked by a serial killer Butcher (Vince Vaughn) with a dagger. As a result, the two bodies have been swapped. If you do not cancel the replacement within 24 hours, you will never be able to return to your original body ….

The released video is a content that makes you realize the fear of “replacement”. When Lyler (Melissa Corazo) suspiciously wonders about the eerie humming sound coming from the shower room and approaches the direction where she can hear the terrifying sound, it is a serial killer who is washing her head comfortably. It was a butcher. He hurried away from the scene and appealed to his classmate Millie, who he encountered while escaping, “Butcher! Let’s escape!”, But it was in a liquid nitrogen frozen capsule that Millie brought.

When I asked “Is it safe here?”, The answer was “No.” The contents of Millie and Butcher were swapped. Without even giving it while noticing such a thing, the murderer in the form of Milly mercilessly closed the door of the refrigeration device and switched on. A high school girl is murdered by quick freezing over -100 degrees Celsius without reaching anyone.

This overly cruel way of being killed, according to director Christopher Landon, is an idea that was added in a hurry at the filming site.

“Death in liquid nitrogen frozen capsules was added shortly before. I was preparing for another death and was wondering what I could do in the girls’ changing room. When I went to the high school location, the school Had advanced facilities for the sports sector, and then I went around high schools with very good and well-funded sports programs, and many schools have liquid nitrogen coolers. So I laughed when I thought it would be interesting if someone was trapped in such a frozen capsule of liquid nitrogen. Suddenly I thought this was the case. “

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