The third film of “Creed” officially started, and Michael B. Jordan is appointed as director ─ To be released in the United States in November 2022

Sylvester StalloneA new chapter in the starring “Rocky” series,movies”CreedThe third work is officially started with the original title of “Creed III”

The US release date has been decided on November 23, 2022, and he starred in the previous two works.Michael B. JordanHowever, he himself admitted that he would make his directorial debut with this film. The US Variety and others have reported.

In the “Creed” series, the story of Adonis, the son of Apollo Creed, has been drawn with Rocky Balboa, who plays Stallone, as the master.Jordan’s concurrent director in the third film is said to have had an idea as of 2018, and the performers at the end of 2020Tessa ThompsonSaid, “Michael will shoot the next work of’Creed’.”

About two months after that, Jordan himself, who had been in the middle of the game, finally revealed his appointment as a coach. At the start, the following comments have been announced.

“I’ve always been eager for supervision, but I had to have the right timing. That’s when Creed 3 was. It’s responsible for my own story, growing, andRyan CooglerIt’s a time of life when I’m completely convinced of who I am, learning from great guys like Denzel Washington, and more recently, and other top-notch directors I admire. All of that is in place.

This franchise, and especially the theme of “Creed 3”, is deeply connected to me. We look forward to delivering a new chapter in the story of Adonis Creed, with the highest responsibility for the director and his name. “

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