The third work of “The Last of Us”, the outline of the story has been completed ─ “I hope you will see the light of day someday”

World-famous survival actiongameThe Last of UsIt turns out that the story has already been completed for the third work in the series. Creative director Neil Druckmann spoke in the podcast “Script Apart.”

The game “The Last Of Us” depicts the dangerous journey of Joel, the hero who lost his daughter, and Erie, a girl who has antibodies to the parasite, set in the United States, which was devastated by an explosion of parasites that make humans ferocious. the work. In June 2020, the sequel “The Last of Us Part II” was released and was a huge hit.

This time, Dragman prefaced the possibility of a sequel, “I don’t know how much to say,” and said.“I wrote an overview of the (sequel) story.”Is reported. Halley Gross, who co-wrote the previous work, is also participating in the writing work.“I’m not in development, but I hope I’ll see the light of day someday. It’s a little digging into the continuation of the previous work.”

Inside the development company Naughty Dog, there seems to be a little discussion about the third work. However, Dragman mentioned that it took a long time to develop “Part II”, and therefore it took 7 years from the first work, and also mentioned the problems due to the series. ..

“(In the’The Last of Us’ series) I made two games that appealed to the universal while drawing a very personal story of the character. There was no series pattern in the first work, but 2 In the work, patterns began to be born.If you make a third work, I feel that there is a structure and theme to protect。」

As Druckman emphasizes, there are no concrete plans for the third movie of The Last of Us at this time. Naughty Dog now seems to be exploring all the possibilities of the future.

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