The TV version of the “Star Trek” universe will continue to expand ─ “Make Marvel a model and make you want to see as much as you want”

NowStar TrekThe series is becoming a major universe dominating the Hollywood television world. In addition to “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Picard”, the animation “Star Trek: Lower Deck” has also started, and several projects are underway in the future.

One of the key persons is the scriptwriter and director of “Discovery” and “Picard”, and is working on the new series “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”.Akiva Goldsman.. Now that all kinds of works are being made into universes, what are your thoughts on expanding the “Star Trek” universe? In The Hollywood Reporter, he talks with a comparison with the “champion” Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I can’t say (Production Bureau) CBS, but I think everyone is doing the same thing. I’m looking at successful examples … I mean, I want to watch Marvel’s shows as much as I want. Yeah. I’m looking forward to “Falcon & Winter Soldier” and I’ve seen countless trailers for “Loki”. I’ll use that as a model to make “Star Trek” as much as I want to see. But everyone knows what happens if they fail. “

Mr. Goldsman“Some people value’Star Trek’, especially now that it’s clear that the world is worse than you might think.”He talks about his hopes for the potential of the series.“I believe in the happy ending that I struggled to win. It’s not easy, but I believe it will lead to good results.”

The new “Strange New Worlds” is a story about Christopher Pike, Spock, and number one, and the days before James T. Kirk came to the USS Enterprise issue. Unlike “Discovery” and “Picard”, it is said that it will be a series that is close to the completion of one episode rather than a continuous story.

“Star Trek: The Original Series was very free and gradual. If you think Robert Bloch wrote the horror, Harlan Ellison is hard on The City on the Edge of the Dangerous Past.SFOn the other hand, there were also comedy episodes such as “Short Leave” and “The Trouble with Triticale”. This time I want to make such a work. “

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