The US release date of the new movie “Star Trek” has been decided ─ Five years after the previous movie “BEYOND”, it finally started

JJ AbramsProduction,Star TrekIt turned out that the new movie of the series (title undecided) will be released in the United States on June 9, 2023.. Announced by Paramount Pictures.

The “Kelvin Timeline” produced by JJ, which started from “Star Trek” (2009), has undergone many twists and turns since the release of the previous work “Star Trek BEYOND” (2016). From around the summer of 2016, it was reported that Chris Pine as James T. Kirk and Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk were the main projects, but in August 2018, negotiations with the studio broke down. .. After that, a new work by Noah Hawley of “FARGO” (2014-) and “Legion” (2017-2019), which was originally planned by Quentin Tarantino, was reported. In response, the project was interrupted.

The new movie “Star Trek” whose release date was announced was the scriptwriter of “Star Trek: Discovery” reported in March 2021.Calinda VasquezSeems to have been appointed. Details have not been revealed, and it is unclear whether it will be a new work on the Kelvin timeline or a reboot work with a new setting and cast. However, the movie version series, which has not had good news for a long time, has made a big move here.

The script, Kalinda Vazquez, is the 10th episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 3 “Time and Space, Forever (Part 2)” and the 3rd episode of “Star Trek Short Trek” Season 2 “Ask Not”. ) ”, And in the past, he has produced and written for“ Fear the Walking Dead ”,“ Marvel Runaways ”, and“ Once Upon A Time ”. This is the first time a female screenwriter has written the movie “Star Trek” series.

Source: Variety

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