There was a plan for all 10 episodes of “WandaVision” ─ “I deleted a part to improve the rhythm”, the director

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama series “WandavisionWas a work full of highlights, such as the form of sitcom and mysterious characters and stories.Such a work attracts viewers with excellent acting by actors, excellent script and direction.The 9th episode graced the endless beauty,ApparentlyEpisode 10 A phantom idea of ​​compositionWas also found to exist.

This time, the director on the YouTube programMatt ShakmanBut,”Things were constantly changing and even rebuildingIt is revealed that the contents of this work have been changed many times during the production process. Meanwhile, “There was a time when I was planning as a 10-episode composition“.

However, the idea seems to have been to cut a part of the content, emphasizing the rhythm as a series. The deleted part wasn’t revealed, but it may have been more in-depth about the series’ key person Agnes, Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis.

Director Shackman also revealed that the story was changed as more ideas emerged after the filming was interrupted due to the corona wreck. “The story has changed.That’s what the finale has changed based on what’s happening in the real world.“. As a result of various trials and errors with the passage of time, such a masterpiece that caused a great whirlwind in the world was completed.

Source: FatMan Beyond , Screen Rant

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