“TOHO Cinemas Seven Park Amami” to open in the largest commercial facility in the South Osaka area, fall 2021

In “Seven Park Amami” to open in Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture“TOHO Cinemas Seven Park Amami” will open in the fall of 2021I understood it. Announced by TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd.

It will be a cinema complex with 10 screens and about 1,600 seats. “Seven Park Amami” is one of the largest commercial facilities in the South Osaka area, boasting a sales floor area of ​​45,000 m2, which will be opened by Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. in Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture in the fall of this year.

The nearest station is “Kawachi-Amami” station on the Kintetsu-Minami Osaka line. From the Tennoji area, it takes about 15 minutes by train from the first train “Osaka Abenobashi” station on the Kintetsu-Minami Osaka Line.

When opening the store, the company said, “We are planning to design facilities and introduce the latest equipment with an awareness of extraordinary spaces. Regarding screening content, we will meet popular Hollywood blockbusters and Japanese movies, as well as animation and art. We will screen a wide variety of works and other lineups. We will also work to provide all kinds of entertainment content, such as live viewing of concerts and plays. “

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