“Tom and Jerry” Chloe Grace Moretz, what was difficult with co-starring with anime?

finally,Tom and JerryComes to our world.movies“The Tom and Jerry”However, it will be released from March 19, 2021.

It is the “Kick Ass” series that co-stars lively with Tom and Jerry who are rampaging in the live-action worldChloe Grace Moretz..Fight over the big screenAnimeWasn’t it often difficult to co-star with Tom and Jerry?Chloe himself answered the interview with THE RIVER.

── “The Tom and Jerry” is a hybrid of anime and live-action, but how did you find your acting style? Did you think about matching with anime?

That’s right. When I was little, I grew up watching Bob Hoskins from “Roger Rabbit”.And especially of Lucille BallcomedyI often watched how to do it. Everything is exaggerated and wild! I also wanted to adopt such a method in this story. I did what I was doing in anime (even in live action).

What I like about “Tom and Jerry” is exaggerated and slapstick. I wanted to put this into a character and make something better. The director Tim Story and the co-stars were very supportive, so I was able to do it well.

──What was the most difficult thing about acting against anime?

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