“Tom and Jerry” Chloe Moretz and Jerry negotiate, Tom also appears and premonition of turbulence ─ Main video released

An animation series that has been loved for generations since it was born in 1940 and will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2021.Tom and Jerry“. On this occasion,Chloe Grace MoretzStarring, live-action movie version “Tom and Jerry』(Released on March 19, 2021), the main video that makes us feel the development of the turbulence has arrived.

Tom, a versatile but sick and clumsy cat, and Jerry, a clever and unforgiving mouse who looks cute but sly. The strongest combination that always chases after a fight when they meet. With seven Academy Awards, a good story and a lovely character that fascinates everyone, he quickly captivated the world and continues to increase his fans. “Tom and Jerry”, loved all over the world, has scaled up and finally appears in the real world.

Keila (Chloe Grace Moretz), who became a staff member of the Royal Gate Hotel, a prestigious hotel in New York on a sunny day, immediately gave a serious task to the success of the world-famous “wedding party of the century”. Be done. In the video released this time, Keila asks Jerry, a mouse who lives in the hotel, to consult with him, saying, “So, to put it simply, this is a hotel and you are a mouse. So go out.” Start from. However, Jerry, who enjoys a super-comfortable hotel residence, seems to have no room for negotiations by shaking his head.

Then, as a special secret plan that Keila came up with, Tom in a fine hotel man wearing a hotel hat and nameplate appears with full force. Surprised by his unexpected rival, Jerry laughs with his stomach when he sees him in a hotel man. Tom, who was extremely high, turned his face bright red and tried to grab it, but Jerry, who was good at one piece, skillfully dodged it as he got used to it, and made a proud expression. Keila was flirting with the sudden start of a life-threatening chase, and she was completely “outside the mosquito net” without any trial. Tom and Jerry’s fight, which is a bit different, is just the beginning, and it is a video that gives a hint of the further upheaval that will occur in the future.

Tim Story, director of “Fantastic Four Super Power Unit” (2005), who took a megaphone, said of Chloe Grace Moretz, who performed the scene with Tom and Jerry brilliantly, “Chloe has great acting ability and personality. I’m happy to be able to show off the comedy touch performance this time. Chloe often plays alone in front of the camera because there are many scenes involving Tom and Jerry, but it’s wonderful. He did it for me. ” As you say so, pay attention to the confused but cute expression of Chloe, as if the two fights were actually unfolding in front of you.

The movie “Tom and Jerry” is a national road show on March 19, 2021 (Friday).

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