“Tom and Jerry” voice actor Shimofuri Myojo navigates and a special video showing the charm of the live-action version is released

An animation series that has been loved for generations since it was born in 1940 and will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2021.Tom and Jerry“.From the live-action movie version “Tom and Jerry” (released on March 19, 2021), we have been selected as a guest voice actor.Marbled MyojoA special video has arrived.

Tom, a versatile but sick and clumsy cat, and Jerry, a clever and unforgiving mouse who looks cute but sly. The strongest combination that always chases after a fight when they meet. With seven Academy Awards, a good story and a lovely character that fascinates everyone, he quickly captivated the world and continues to increase his fans. “Tom and Jerry”, which is loved all over the world, has been scaled up and finally appeared in the real world.

“Tom and Jerry”, who has been loved for generations for his comical story and overflowing humor, will battle in the live-action world under the direction of Tim Story. Because he talks about the charm of Tom and Jerry in this work with great excitement, the crude product is surprised at the video that is a perfect blend of animation and live-action video. There is no doubt that the images that have never been seen will catch the hearts of all who see them.

The biggest attraction of this work is the opposite characters of Tom and Jerry. Tom, a dojineko who accidentally got stuck in a traffic light and stretched out. It is worthwhile to catch the mouse Jerry, but in fact, he can play almost all musical instruments including the piano, is versatile in sports, and has a versatile face who is familiar with cooking and mechanics. However, he quickly got into trouble and had a sweet personality. Therefore, even though he struggles to catch Jerry by all means, he can hardly catch it and is always stupid.

On the other hand, Jerry, who Seiya explains in a mellow manner, has a cunning and relentless mischief with her natural slyness as a weapon, and has a character contrary to the cute appearance that Tom is always stupid. .. I like to get in the way rather than play sports, and I always enjoy getting in the way of Tom and remodeling into a fashionable room using things that are falling in my house, and Jerry is Tom in this work as well. You may be able to see a scene where you are mean and remodeling your room in a fashionable way.

As Seiya explains, Tom and Jerry have been chased by the usual chase. The two who have ruined the celebrity couple’s “Wedding Party of the Century”, which is drawing attention from all over the world, join forces to open a wedding party that no one has ever seen.

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