Tom Cruise rescues photographer from train fall crisis ─ when shooting new “Mission Impossible”

spyactionseries”Mission Impossible』 At the time of shooting the 7th workTom cruiseWas helping the staff photographerI understood it. As expected, Tom is.

According to the British Daily Mail, Tom hurriedly helped a photographer who stepped off on a running train when filming on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in the United Kingdom. On an unbalanced train, Tom grabbed the harness worn by the photographer and pulled it up. Tom saved one’s life with a splendid moment of judgment. After all he was a hero not only in movies but also in real life.

This work, which is being produced with the aim of being released in May 2022, has been photographed while taking various infection countermeasures under the influence of the corona wreck. It is reported that it is about to end as of February 2021, and it seems that finishing work is being done in the UK, which is considered to be one of the production bases.

Director Christopher McQuarrie has posted a photo of the scene taken at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway on Instagram. Apparently, it is Tom Hunt Ethan Hunt who is in danger of falling from the train in the main story.

In the “Mission: Impossible” series, clinging to a passenger plane, holding your breath for 6 minutes in the water, jumping from building to building and breaking your leg, falling from a helicopter and thinking that it was a real accident from the co-star Tom has performed a number of stunts that can only be described as a superhuman. This time, he is challenging himself to fall from the train. Expectations for publication are only increasing.

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