Tom Cruise saved the life of his co-star when shooting Cocktail- “You were about to die”

Tom cruiseWas a hero not only in the movie but also in reality.. According to The Sun, Tom saidCocktail(1988), he had saved co-star Elisabeth Shue from the danger of his life.

Bill Bennett, who was in charge of aerial photography in this work, explained on Facebook about the time of shooting, “I was shooting a scene of Tom and Elizabeth riding a horse on the beach from a helicopter.” Apparently the accident happened at the time of shooting this famous scene. “After several takes, the pilot landed the helicopter on the beach and Tom and Elizabeth came to see the footage, but the monitor was only in my operating position in the left front seat of the helicopter. did”.

According to Bennett, the helicopter was only on the ground for a few minutes, so the engine kept running. In other words, although it is landing, the rotor (wings) of the helicopter keeps rotating. Also,The tail rotor (wings at the rear of the fuselage) becomes difficult to see while rotating, and if it hits, it will die instantly.Meanwhile, after checking the video, Elizabeth jumped out of the helicopter and tried to run behind the aircraft.

Bennett was unable to help Elizabeth because her body was fixed with a harness, and desperately leaned forward and shouted, “Stop.” In a time-consuming situation, Tom also instantly sensed the danger, desperately chasing Elizabeth, grabbing her leg and slamming it on the ground.

After that, Elizabeth seemed furious at being hit on the ground suddenly, but when Tom pointed to the tail rotor and explained the situation, “You were about to die,” she turned pale. Eventually, the two started walking in front of the helicopter. As expected, Tom. It is no exaggeration to say that he was able to overcome this crisis because he was qualified as both a helicopter and an airplane.

By the way, it is also revealed that Tom helped the staff photographer from the train fall crisis when shooting the 7th movie of “Mission: Impossible”. How cool is it …

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