Tom Cruise sometimes laughs and gets angry while shooting stunts ─ “I’ve had a lot of trouble”

Mission Impossible』Series, known for performing dangerous stunts by himselfTom cruise.. At the British talk show “The Graham Norton Show,” he loved doing stunts and said, “I’ve had a lot of trouble so far“.

I’m nervous the first time I do any stunt, but I feel better.During the shooting of the stunt, I was told “Don’t laugh!” Several times.Tom admits. Even in the middle of a dangerous stunt, it’s just fun and laughing.

Tom is a past work of “Mission: Impossible”, clinging to a passenger plane, holding his breath for 6 minutes in the water, jumping from building to building and breaking his leg, falling from a helicopter and seriously from a co-star He has done a number of stunts that seem to be accidents and can only be called superhumans. The series is about to release its 7th movie in the US in May 2022 (the postponement of the release has just been announced), and this shooting also challenges the dangerous stunts that cause an explosion accident at the scene.

In addition, we are preparing an unprecedented project to actually shoot the action in outer space. I’m sure Tom in space will show an exhilarating smile. Don’t overdo it …


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