Tom Holland expires contract with “Spider-Man 3” “I’ll rush in an instant if called” ─ “I want to take a break and travel” in the future

From “Civil War / Captain America” ​​(2016)Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) In the workSpidermanHave played the roleTom hollandWith the latest work of the solo movie series “Spider-Man: No Way Home” starring himself,Marvel・ The contracts with Studio and Sony Pictures have expired.To do. Holland himself talks about the current status of the contract, the plan after the contract ends, and his willingness to replay as soon as possible.

Currently, Holland, who is in the middle of shooting the third movie of “Spider-Man”, “No Way Home”, is being interviewed by various media at the timing of the official title announcement. Holland, who was interviewed by US Collider, said that the third work was “This is my final workI revealed. However, it seems that he is already thinking about the replay, “The production side says, “If you want me to come back, I’ll rush in an instant.”“He also said.

“I loved every moment of being part of such a great world, and it took my life for the better. I’m really lucky to be here.If you are called, you will be back, otherwise you will be very happy and will leave calmly. Because it was a great trip.

Holland started his career as an actor from an early age and suddenly made his name known to the world as Spider-Man. Five years as a Spider-Man actor would have been quick. During that time, Holland has expanded his potential as an actor by appearing in Hollywood works other than MCU.

After the contract with Holland and Marvel expires, it seems that he will be on vacation for a while. In an interview with USA Today, Holland asked, “What are your plans after’No Way Home’?”I want to take a break and travel the world.It’s the first time I haven’t signed with anyone since I signed with Marvel.“. “I might go skiing, which was previously banned, because it’s a dangerous sport. I’ve been careful about this for years, and I’m crazy about golf, because I can play sports without getting hurt.” Even if I take a day off, it seems that the activity will not change.

Source:Collider, USA Today

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