Tom Holland inadvertently burst into laughter while auditioning for Star Wars Finn

Familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the “Spider-Man” seriesTom hollandIs a new star actor who will lead the next generation of Hollywood. However, even Tom, who has been active in musicals since he was a child actor and now plays a world-famous hero, does not seem to have always had a smooth sailing career.

In an interview with Backstage Magazine, TomStar Wars』 I was auditioning for the role of FinnI have revealed that. When asked, “Are there any scary stories about auditions?” Tom replied, “There are some.” Occasionally, he said something completely different from the work he participated in, but he seems to have made a different kind of failure in “Star Wars.”

“I remember auditioning for Star Wars. I had been playing the role of John Boyega four to five times, but once I was with a woman, she was a drone. It was a role. I said, “I have to go back to the ship! She said, “Pee, pip, peep,” and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was so funny. “

Tom burst into laughter at the performance of the opponent who played the droid, and recalled the result as “of course, he fell.”“I’m really sorry, because she was an android or a drone, and she was trying hard to play that role.”.. By the way, Speaking of Tom, even after saying “Hey, do you know? It’s a super old movie,” The Empire Strikes Back “!” In the airport scene of “Civil War / Captain America” ​​(2016), “Star Wars” He has a strong episode that he hadn’t seen the Wars original trilogy.

Tom is not only in “Star Wars” but also in the crime movie “Star Wars” starring Ansel Elgort.Criminal Town』(2017) is also impressive. Tom described the film as “I thought it was a movie for me that would give me a foothold in my youth career,” and he was actually winning the audition just before he passed. However, the result was unsuccessful. To Tom, who was overwhelmed and angry, his father advised him on “how to deal with being rejected.”

“My dad was very kind and said,” This is the process of success. “” If you always win, your win will lead to a defeat. “That is, playing golf under 4 every day. It’s boring to hit. It’s because of failure that victory seems to be victory. “

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