Tom Holland loves “Twilight” and went to the premiere “I got the clothes”

Known for the “Spider-Man” seriesTom holland However, he revealed that he was enthusiastic about the popular Vampire series “Twilight” released from 2008 to 2012. He looks back on his memories of participating in the premiere event of the series when his name as an actor was still low.

This time Tom is rice Esquire Participated in the “Plan to talk about the past” sponsored by.Tom, who looked back on his latest appearance, “The Devil All the Time” (2020), is a co-star. Robert Pattinson The topic of the “Twilight” series, in which was starring, was shaken. The series, which gained immense popularity among young people all over the world, Tom, who was a teenager at the time, seemed to be enthusiastic about it.I was a fan of “Twilight”“. In addition, he went to a place where performers such as Robert, who will co-star later, gathered.

I also went to the premiere of “Twilight”.I wonder if it was the second from the end … It’s the first of the two parts. I participated with my mom and her friend Faith. I went to Topman (a British clothing chain) and got all the clothes. Like a decent celebrity.It was a lot of fun. It was a great time.

The penultimate work is probably “Twilight Saga / Breaking Dawn Part1” released in 2011. At that time, Tom should be around 15 years old. Although he was active on the stage “Billy Elliot”, his debut as an actor was the movie “Impossible” released in 2012, so he was just starting out as an actor. Perhaps because of the precious opportunity to meet a Hollywood star, you can hear the pureness of the 15-year-old Tom boy when he takes the trouble to renew his clothes.

Tom gradually gained popularity after appearing in “Impossible”. In 2016, he was selected to play the role of Spider-Man / Peter Parker for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and became a person of the moment. And now, Pattinson, who starred in “Twilight,” which was enthusiastic at the time, even showed a real conversation on the same screen.

Source: Esquire

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