Tom Holland, Spider-Man role audition failure ─ Robert Downey Jr.’s advice “still useful”

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU)SpidermanKnown for the roleTom hollandHas a number of anecdotes about auditions. “Civil War / Captain America』(2016) auditionRobert Downey Jr.Tom himself talked about his failure when he met him and his advice at that time at GQ.

Wanted by directors Anthony & Joe Russo and others, Tom took part in the “Civil War” screen test, where he first met Robert as Iron Man / Tony Stark. Tom had a career as a child actor, but he was still in Hollywood at that time. The audition with Robert was very tense.

“I remember (the audition) well. Of course I was nervous and it’s strange not to be nervous. But thankfully, it eased the tension. Anthony and Joe in the room And then I saw Downey standing. I went into the room and introduced myself, but I remember thinking “something strange” at that time. It’s different from the Downey I remembered and imagined.

But I shook hands with him and said, “I’m honored to meet you.” I talked about how excited I was and how big this was for me. Then the door opened and the real Robert Downey Jr. came in. I’ve been talking to his stunt double all the time. The tension and anxiety went somewhere and I was calm when I met the real Downey. “

About Tom at the time, one Robert“Tom had a lot of hair”Laughing. It was a well-known episode among enthusiastic fans that Robert quickly ignored the script in this screen test and improvised against young Tom. “He was doing well. He had some experience and a strong presence,” said Robert, explaining why Tom shot the role of Spider-Man.

“I tested with a lot of kids that day. They’re unknown, but they were all good, and I think everyone brought something new to the role of Spider-Man.The reason why it was Holland is that it is serious.Serious and reliable enough to take on the role.. Playing Spider-Man is really big.Spider-manMarvel・ Because it represents the universe. When I became Iron Man, the name of Iron Man was not well known, but everyone knows the name of Spider-Man. “

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