Tweet-based movie “Zola” US trailer ─ Riley Keough makes a lot of money by mediating prostitution etc.

“Logan Lucky” (2017) “Under the Silver Lake” (2018), etc.Riley KeoughStarring, up-and-coming movie company “A24The new movie “Zola (original title)]The US version trailer has been released. Pay attention to the finish that is reminiscent of “Spring Breakers” (2012), “Florida Project” (2017), and “Uncut Gems” (2019).

The film, which premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, was based on a post that attracted worldwide attention through Twitter in 2015. It was by a 20-year-old woman who was a Hooters waitress. The film tells the story of waitress Zora, who begins with a chance encounter with a stripper, Stephanie. The two quickly hit it off, and Zora was invited to join a dance party in Florida to make a fortune with Stephanie. Zora was suspicious but decided to participate, but the two-day trip awaited an unimaginable event.

The released trailer said, “Would you like to ask why you made a mistake with this bitch? It’s long, butSuspenseFlorida’s nightmare journey begins with Zora’s narration, “It’s full of.” “See all the actions this bitch takes.” As Stephanie just met, Zora is exposed to various risks such as striptease, contact with gangsters, prostitution placement, and murder. Zora regrets having participated, saying, “I just came to dance” and “I’m not having sex with you anymore”, but I try to get out of this dire situation …

Riley Keough will play the role of Stephanie as a performer.Taylour Paige in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” (2020) is listed as Zora.Director / ScreenplayIs “Atlanta” (2016-)Janica Bravo from “Lemon”. It will be released in the US in the summer of 2021.

Source: Deadline , IndieWire

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