Two-handed pistol Daniel Radcliffe releases “Guns Akimbo” dot game-style video in death game

Extreme GunactionGuns AkimboWill land in Japan on February 26, 2021 (Friday). Miles, a programmer with pistols fixed in both handsDaniel Radcliffe) Is a work that challenges a crazy death game to death. This time, a special video like an 8-bit game has been released.

It starts with “GAME START” from the start screen and smiles unintentionally. It’s like a game of yesteryear. The Miles room is perfect, and the posters on the wall and the figures displayed on the shelves are reproduced in detail. When Pixel art Miles is enthusiastic about shit on the sofa, the appearance of the front door being hit is expressed in yellow. A red surprise mark appears above Miles’s head. When I went to see the terrifying situation, the operation of the dark site “Skism” attacked with a large copy of “BANG!”.

The skims that surround Miles on the floor. However, when Miles woke up, he wasn’t there, and his pistols were fixed in both hands and flashed pink. Miles can’t swallow the situation with “?” Floating overhead and “WHAT!”. But you have to fight. For my beloved ex-Kano Nova who has been kidnapped by skiism.

Miles fights with a two-handed pistol on the first stage. The HP of PLAYER and ENEMY is displayed at the top. It is the murderer Knicks, the worst killer of squism, who rushes into the BOSS battle, waiting for the squism (ENEMY) to hunt down to the remaining 1 HP and run away. If you look closely, you can see the Knicks custom gun.

It will be a fierce shootout with each other, but the HP of Miles (PLAYER) pushed will decrease steadily, and this time Miles will run away. Knicks drives a rocket launcher into Miles who runs away. And “TO BE CONTINUED …” Let’s enjoy the continuation with the live-action theater.The released video was produced by participating in “Seiken Densetsu LEGEND OF MANA” and acting as an art director in “MOTHER3”.Nobuhiro ImagawaIt is.

The movie “Guns Akimbo” will be released nationwide on February 26, 2021 (Friday), including TOHO Cinemas Hibiya.

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