“Two Hollands” Appears in “Spider-Man 3” ─ Tom Holland Admits Younger Harry’s Cameo Appearance

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) version “Spiderman]Series 3rd work “Spider-Man: No Way Home (Original title: No Way Home)』,StarringTom hollandIt turns out that his younger brother Harry Holland will make a cameo appearance.. Tom himself admits.

Currently, the third film “No Way Home” is being filmed. Main casts such as Tom, Zendaya as Michelle, and Jacob Batalon as Ned are staying in New York. Meanwhile, the appearance of Tom’s younger brother Harry was also confirmed at the shooting site.

Harry, who is usually active as a film maker, participated as a member of the production crew in the second series “Spider-Man: Far From Home” (2019). I wondered if he was still working as a shooting assistant, but it seems that there was another purpose in visiting the site this time.

When Tom, who appeared remotely at the US talk show, was asked by the moderator Jimmy Fallon, “Is this the first’Spider-Man’movie in which two Hollands are appearing?”, He replied, “That’s right.” .. Harry’s cameo appearance was easily acknowledged. Back in early February 2021, Tom published a photo of Harry on his Instagram at the shooting site. It wasn’t specified what this two-shot meant, but maybe it was the shooting date of Harry’s cameo appearance.

Tom also mentions how Harry’s cameo appearance was decided. In fact, Harry is said to have made a cameo appearance as a drug dealer in Tom’s latest work “Cherry”, Tom said, “The idea that Harry appears as a bad boy every time in a movie starring himself. I came up with. ” “So he’s back」。

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