“Umbrella Academy” Season 3, “The script is really great” ─ Tom Hopper, the number one role, responds to the shooting

NetflixOriginal seriesUmbrella AcademyShooting for Season 3 is underway, despite the influence of the Corona wreck.In Collider, the number one role of Luther HargreavesTom hopperCompliments the completeness of the script.

Shooting of “Umbrella Academy” Season 3 started in February 2021 and is in progress while taking measures against infection with the new coronavirus. The shooting time is expected to be long because the shooting time per day has been shortened. According to Hopper, “it’s just getting started and it’s a long way to go,” but he seems to be feeling good about his daily work. “The material is good and the work is great. It’s a lot of fun every day,” he said.

At the moment, all the screenplays for Season 3 have not been completed, but the performers have been handed a certain amount of volume. Regarding the writing of the script, it seems that the delay in the start of shooting due to the corona sickness is also working positively.

“I think it’s been a little more work (of Corona). It’s a rather good start for the scripting team. It’s very special.The screenplay for Season 3 is really great and really interesting to play.I am honored to be able to participate。」

Hopper also emphasized the coziness of the “Umbrella Academy” team. It seems that he enjoys trying his best to create with the staff who have worked on the series, and co-starring with the cast who are familiar with each other and their roles.Hopper says the relationship is“It’s in the best condition for the family and it’s like a good sports team. It’s like a team that’s catching the flow and winning in a row.”

By the way, Hopper appeared as Albert Wesker in the rebooted movie “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” of “Resident Evil”. Originally, the shooting time of “Umbrella Academy” and “Resident Evil” was suffered, but due to the influence of the corona disaster, “Umbrella Academy” was delayed, so it was possible to appear in both works safely. ..

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