“Unhinged” released in Japan postponed, announced by KADOKAWA

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. is a movie“Unhinged”To be released in JapanPostponed from May 14th to May 28th, 2021Then announced.

“We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to postpone the announcement of each government agency due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the safety and health of the visitors to prevent the spread of the infection. “The release date may change again due to future announcements by the government and related organizations. Please note.” Advance tickets can be used as they are even after the postponement.

In “Unhinged”, Russell Crowe plays the horrifying devilThrillermovies. The one who took the megaphone was Derrick Borte from “Red Ballets” and “Why You Can Buy Money with Happiness” (2009).

Hairdresser Rachel is still oversleeping today. I hurriedly sent my son Kyle to school and headed for work, but the highway was heavily congested. After repeated late arrivals, he finally got fired. I drive down the road in the worst mood, but when I stop at the traffic light, the car in front does not start even if it turns blue. I honk my horn, but it still doesn’t work. When the frustrated Rachel overtakes, the driver man who follows him says, “I don’t have good driving manners.”

Rachel asks for an apology, but she refuses and leaves the car. He sent his son to school, but noticed that he was being tailed by the man at the gas station shop. The clerk warns, “I’m a habitual criminal of road rage.” Rachel returned to the car and noticed something unusual. But it’s already late. A man’s “road rage”, driven by an incredible crazy obsession, began non-stop …

“Unhinged” will be released on May 28, 2021.

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