US Netflix acquires exclusive distribution rights for Sony movies ─ Featured titles such as “Spider-Man” related works, start in 2022

It’s an interesting move.Sony Pictures of the United StatesNetflixAnnounced that it has acquired the right to exclusively distribute the company’s movie work for 18 months for several years. Started in 2022It is said that it will be done. Distribution started following theatrical release and home entertainment. According to Deadline, it’s a huge deal, as it costs $ 1 billion over four years.

In 2022, Sony released Marvel’s work “MobiusAnd the movie adaptation of popular gamesUncharted(Original title: Uncharted) ”, and“ Bullet Train (original title) ”, which is a movie adaptation of Kotaro Isaka’s novel with a gorgeous cast such as Brad Pitt, are waiting for many notable works. Netflix can monopolize these for a period of time, making the lineup even stronger. “SpidermanThe third installment in the series, Spider-Man: No Way Home, will be released in the US in December 2021, so it won’t be covered by this deal (unless it’s postponed).

Major US studios such as Disney (Disney +), Warner Brothers (HBO Max), and Paramout (Paramout +) are developing their own distribution services. In response to these, Sony intends to make profits in the form of exclusive distribution by teaming up with Netflix, which has already become widespread, instead of launching its own service.

In addition, NetflixSigned first-look contracts for a number of distribution-oriented works that Sony is consideringIt is said that it was done. In other words, Sony works that aren’t released in theaters for some reason could be exclusively distributed to the US on Netflix. In addition, “Spider-Man” series, etc.Sony’s huge past works will also be able to select distribution titles

In the press release, Scott Starber of Netflix Global Films commented, “This agreement will only allow Sony Pictures’ amazing movie franchise and new IP to be offered to Netflix in the United States. We were able to establish a new source of premiere movies for Netflix movie fans around the world. ” Inferring from this, the 18-month exclusive distribution after theatrical release is limited to the United States, but it is expected that the new work for distribution that will be exclusive to Netflix will be distributed worldwide.

Another thing to note about this announcement is that Sony Pictures suggests a lighter lineup of future works. Regarding the works scheduled after 2022, the press release states “VenomFurther SPE movies of Marvel characters, including future developments of “Spider-Man”, AndJumanji』『Bad boys』Series and other sequelsIt is written that there is. These future hot titles will also be monopolized by Netflix for distribution.

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