Voice actor of the role of Hitoshi Sakai in the movie version of “Ghost of Tsushima” is willing to appear ─ I agree to show my ass

A historical drama set in Japan during the Kamakura periodactiongameGhost of Tsushima(Ghost of Tsushima)Will be made into a Hollywood movie.While the cast of the main character, Hitoshi Sakai, was attracting attention, he acted as a motion capture and voice actor for the role.Daisuke TsujiBut,TwitterShowed a positive attitude towards appearing in the movie version.

After the announcement of the movie “Ghost of Tsushima,” Bryan Dechart called for Daisuke Tsuji to continue in the movie version. Decart is also known as a voice actor and motion capturer for the role of the game “Detroit Become Human.” In response to such a hot voice from the same trader, Daisuke Tsuji said, “If you can play Jin in the live-action version, I fully accept showing you the buttocks.“.

In the game “Ghost of Tsushima”, there are hot springs in various parts of Tsushima, where you can take a bath. The buttocks of Hitoshi Sakai reflected at that time were a hot topic at the time of release. Daisuke Tsuji is willing to show such a raw ass if he can appear in the live-action version. It seems that all samurai should be challenged without hiding them. After the announcement of the movie, there were a series of voices among fans who wanted Daisuke Tsuji to perform as it was. What will happen?

The game “Ghost of Tsushima” released in July 2020 is based on the invasion of Mongolia during the Kamakura period, and Jin Sakai used Tsushima as a samurai warrior. A historical drama open world action-adventure that depicts the battle of death in order to release it from the hands of the enemy.The movie version is directed by the John Wick seriesChad Stahelski.. The story and production time have not been revealed at this time.

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