“WandaVision” Elizabeth Olsen plays a real murderer in a new drama ─ Executive Producer Nicole Kidman

Known for the role of Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic UniverseElizabeth OlsenHowever, he plays a real murderer in the new drama series following “WandaVision” (2021). HBO Max original work“Love and Death”The production of was officially announced.

The story is based on the 1980 Texas housewife Candy Montgomery killing her friend Betty Gore with an ax. The two attend the same church, their daughters are best friends, and their husbands both work for a technology company. But behind the seemingly perfect everyday life, there was indescribable frustration and frustration … Olsen plays the role of Montgomery.

The executive producer is an actress who has been active in the producer industry in recent years.Nicole Kidman..The script was written with Kidman in “Big Little Lies” (2017-2019) and “THE UNDOING The Undoing Secrets” (2020).David E. KelleyWritten by and directed by “HOMELAND” (2011-2020)Lesli Linka GlatterWas inaugurated. The three also serve as executive producers.

The original draft of the series is the non-fiction work “Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs (original title)” and the special article of the local newspaper Texas Monthly (Part 1 and Part 2 * both in English). By the way, the case of Candy Montgomery will be made into a drama in Hulu, USA, starring Elizabeth Moss as “Candy”.

HBO Max and Lionsgate Television will be in charge of the production. Sarah Aubrey, who oversees HBO Max’s original work, emphasized that “the frustration and desires of two women living in a small town result in terrifying violence, a story that captures the hearts of viewers.” Kevin Beggs, chairman of Lionsgate Television, praised his ability as an actress, saying, “I couldn’t think of a suitable artist other than Elizabeth Olsen.” He also trusts in collaborations with Kidman, Kelly and Glatters.

Source: Variety

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