“WandaVision” for you in Los Angeles ─ “Marvel Studios Assemble” to be delivered, behind-the-scenes documentary on the production of Marvel works

Marvel Cinematic UniverseWhile the excitement of the final episode of the drama “WandaVision” released by (MCU) has not cooled down, it is a new pleasure.

Disneyplus(Disney+)From Friday, March 12, 2021Marvel・ Follow behind the scenes of studio production of movies and dramasdocumentaryThe program “Marvel Studios Assemble” will be distributed..The first memorable event ended with great successWandavisionMaking is featured.

The role of WandaElizabeth OlsenAnd the role of visionPaul BettanyIt is said that “behind the scenes” such as the shooting method of this work depicting the early days when television was born and Marvel’s new challenge of shooting the whole story in front of the audience who entered the studio will be revealed. It will be delivered next week for the final episode, so it seems to be effective for “WandaVision Loss”. Seeing this, you may want to look back on “WandaVision” from the first episode.

In “Marvel Studios Assemble”, the drama “Falcon & Winter SoldierAnd “LokiProduction site, and the movie “Black widow(Released on April 29, 2021) and the original drama series “Hawkeye(Original title)Scarlett JohanssonOrJeremy RennerAlso participated in the war. It is said that the making and secret story of Marvel’s work, which has not been revealed until now, will be revealed.

“Marvel Studios Assemble” will be distributed simultaneously in Japan and the United States from March 12, 2021 (Friday) on Disney +.

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