“WandaVision” Hypothesis “Some people may find it disappointing,” said the final episode.

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Phase 4 first drama series “WandavisionIt’s just before the final episode. Coupled with the shocking development that presages the beginning of multiverse in the MCU, fans are showing an unprecedented excitement with various expectations and hypotheses. However, it seems that attention should be paid to “too much expectation”.

“WandaVision” depicts a new life that Wanda and Vision started in the suburbs called West View after “Avengers: Endgame” (2019). Happy times don’t last that long, and West View is rushing to solve a spectacular mystery.

A shocking development that occurs one after another for each episode.While the expected value has reached the peak for the final episode that will be delivered soon, the United StatesEntertainment WeeklyOf the director according to the interviewMatt Shakman“I hope you find the story satisfying,” he said to the audience. On the other hand, he seems to recognize that there are many expectations and hypotheses, and the ending of the drama is “Many people will find it disappointing.It seems that he is also worried.

However, the ending drawn in the final episode is inevitable for Wanda and Vision, and he strongly hopes that it will be accepted.

“I’m telling the story of Wanda facing sadness and looking for ways to accept what she’s lost. I hope the finale isn’t just shocking to you, it’s also satisfying. It’s the same story they’ve seen, so you’ll find it inevitable. “

In addition, it should be notedScreenwriter and showrunner Jac Schaeffer had previously said that it would be “emotional” in completion.I was suggesting. Now that the final story is just around the corner, it seems that you need to be careful about making predictions and expecting too much as the director says.Still, I can’t help paying attention …

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