“WandaVision” parody control “Fallon Vision” released ─ Something is wrong with the popular talk show

Marvel Cinematic UniverseDrama seriesWandavisionParody Tale“FallonVision”Was broadcast on the popular American talk show “The Tonight Show”. It’s a reward for those who have followed “WandaVision”, so please check it out.

This article contains spoilers up to the 7th episode of the drama “WandaVision”, “Breaking the Fourth Wall”.

Similar to “WandaVision”, which has advanced the age for each episode by referring to the popular American sitcom program, this “Fallon Vision” is also developed in the style of the former talk show. First of all, it was a monochrome image, and when I was invited by the moderator Jimmy Fallon,Elizabeth OlsenAppears in the “old-fashioned movie actress-like” look and behavior. Also pay attention to Olsen’s impersonator.

When Fallon asked, “How are you? You have water at hand,” Olsen gracefully responded, “Water? That means” rum is working. ” When asked, “How was your new work,’A Girl in a Truck and a Man from Tulum’?” Olsen said, “It was hard.” However, Fallon lied, “It’s about how easy it is to remember the title.” “Don’t blame me, I’m a man from desk work.” When Olsen blows out to this, Fallon says, “This is where the joke works.” Olsen says, “Because it is important that it works.”

“Jimmy, who’s the instruction?”.. In a voice suddenly heard with noise, Olsen asks, “Did you hear it now?”, But Fallon replies, “No, nothing.”And the age of the show goes on, but every time the talk goes on, Olsen“Something is wrong”I began to feel that.

“Jimmy, why aren’t we together?” “Why aren’t we in the same room, but in something like this box?” “This laughter, who’s voice?” “There will be no customers in the studio. “?” “Are you doing this because you want to get it back? Because you want to get it back like it was before the pandemic?”

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