Wesley Snipes is working on a project called “Blade Killer” ─ denial of involvement in MCU reboot version

The 1998-2004 movie “Blade』The first blade actor who starred in the trilogyWesley SnipesHowever, it turned out that they are proceeding with a project called “Blade-Killer”.CurrentlyMarvel Cinematic UniverseA reboot movie version by (MCU) is being produced, but what exactly is that?

Wesley, who also starred and produced in the “Blade” series, is in the United States.Marvel・ In 2018, it was revealed that the studio was discussing the production of a sequel with the company after regaining the rights to visualize “Blade” in 2013. However, the project never saw the light of day, and it was announced that “Blade” would be rebooted at the MCU in July 2019.Mahershala AliIt was reported that it will be re-movie starring.

Since then, it is a sequel project by Wesley who has not heard progress, but it is said that there is another new “Blade” related project. Wesley, who appeared in an interview with Uproxx in the US, wrote in the MCU reboot version “Blade”.Not involved“At that time, it was a white belt, so please wait until you do it with a black belt,” he said in a meaningful way. Wesley, who was dug into “what do you mean?” And “what are you going to do next?”, Cut out, “I’m moving two now.”

“One is a women’s action franchise.And the other is what we call “Blade-killer”. It’s an enhanced version of the blade I did.The character is in a world where shape shifters exist, and there is a little time travel. So the action is … In “Blade” it was a white belt action, so this time I’ll show you a black belt action. “

It seems that Wesley’s new “Blade Killing” project is at least not the same as the sequel project he has been working on with Marvel. On the other hand, as he says “an enhanced version of Blade”, it may be a continuation of his “Blade” trilogy or a self-remake. Also, “Blade Killing” is not for the ongoing MCU version of “Blade”, but seems to be used by Snipes in the sense that it surpasses its own movie version made with the quality of the time. .. However, I’m not sure if there is a deal with Marvel Studios, which holds the rights to visualize “Blade” …

“It was good that we made it, but I think it has evolved far from that time. Really.” Approximately 17 years after the release of the trilogy, Wesley, who has been practicing in the industry, oozes himself in the re-creation of “Blade” at this timing. “There are a lot of tools available now, and some of the revamps in the first Braid franchise may have become the norm for the Marvel Universe and other action films,” Wesley said. “Technology makes many things that we couldn’t do at the time. Now that technology and our skills and senses are in place. It’s popping, baby!”

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