What is the possibility of a sequel to “Palm Springs”?

A time loop that attracts attention for recording the highest bid in the history of the Sundance Film FestivalLove comedyPalm SpringsHas finally been released in Japan from April 9, 2021 (Friday). This work, which depicts men and women trapped in a time loop, returning to the same wedding morning every time they wake up from sleep, fuses science fiction fantasy based on romantic comedy and gains high support from critics around the world. It was.There seems to be a voice wanting a sequel to this work.

This article contains spoilers for Palm Springs.

Ainsley Maitland, one of the main charactersAndy sambergHowever, when asked about the possibility of a sequel at Radio Times in the UK, “Depending on the interpretation, the end of the movie was also slightly open-ended, so I think there are various possibilities.Answered. “That’s why it may have a happy ending, or it may be a situation like’WandaVision’, because I don’t know exactly where they are,” he explained.

This work ends with the development that the owner who should have been away suddenly returns while the two main characters are gracefully spending time in a vacant house that has been visited many times. In other words, it is possible that the two have finally escaped from the time loop, but as Samberg explains, it can be understood that a new time loop has started in another world or place, depending on the interpretation.Also the mar he mentionsIn Bell’s drama “WandaVision”, in a world created by a characterAn unusual story was drawn about trying to live the way you want.

The other protagonist, SarahCristin MiliotiRevealed in the same interview that he was discussing the sequel with Samberg at the time of shooting. The contents are explained as follows.

“Of course they must be in the same group.’Before Sunrise Before sunriseI remember jokingly talking about trying to describe their lives through three different periods, such as *. So it might be a good idea to do it again 10 years later and see what they are doing. “

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