What is the story of the phantom episode 9 “Duel of the Fates” that is not “Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker”?

Star Wars』 Skywalker Saga,Star Wars: The Dawn of SkywalkerIt was completed with (2019).With the long-standing JediSith, Resistance andFirst orderThe battle is settled,RayOrfinToPoe DameronFinished the battle,Luke SkywalkerOrHan soloLeia OrganaThe role of was also fulfilled.

In this episode 9,JJ AbramsFormer director before the director wrote the script with Chris TerrioColin TrevorrowButDerek ConnollyThere is a phantom script written with, so to speak, “Another Episode 9”.

The title is『Duel of the Fates』It is.This is the climax of “Episode 1 / Phantom Menace” (1999)Qui-Gon JinnObi-Wan KenobiversusDarth MaulIt is the name of the play of the war, and it seems that it has the meaning of closing the ring of the Skywalker Saga consisting of all nine works. If it had been realized as “Duel of the Fates”, Episode 9 would probably have been the Japanese title “Star Wars: The Battle of Fate”.

At the time of Trevorrow’s departure (September 2017), it was reported that there was a disagreement with Lucasfilm regarding the script. Therefore, the Trevorrow version of the script is basically not adopted, and JJ Abrams and Chris Terrio are rewriting the script from the beginning.For examplePalpatineThe idea for the re-appearance seems to be from Abrams.

However, Trevorrow and Connolly remain in credit as “drafts” in the public “Dawn of Skywalker.” Trevorrow also commented, “I’m glad that JJ partially used our ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing the scenes that we all thought we needed.”

It was a month after “Skywalker’s Dawn” that “Duel of the Fate” began to attract fans’ attention online. A lot of credible quality screenplays and concept art were leaked online. Trevorrow later said about a series of information“Yes, this is from Duel of the Fates.”He admits that the script and concept art were genuine.

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