What kind of end will Bucky Barnes reach? Sebastian Stan talks about “having a family”

Marvel Cinematic UniverseIn the (MCU) work, farewells and deaths with various main characters have been depicted.MarvelIt seems that fans will continue to experience various farewells, but what kind of form does the performer think that the role he plays will die?

In an interview with Uproxx, the drama “Falcon & Winter Soldier“ofSebastian StanIsBucky・ Burns /Winter SoldierHe talked about his death. “I want to have a family as a 200-year-old man and greet (death) while feeling the warmth of the bed.That’s the way he’s going now, and he’ll deserve it」。

Bucky has had a strange fate, but in “Falcon & Winter Soldier”, there was a scene where he was having a date. If we can settle down from the mission of saving the world and the suffering of the past, we will be able to build a warm family and lead a happy life.

Sebastian said,Captain America: The Winter Soldier(2014), he said he had been asked the same question at the time, saying that he would tear off his arm and beat him to death. It’s not such a tumultuous and miserable end, but I want Bucky to have a happy ending.

By the way, “Falcon & Winter Soldier” is approaching to the point of 2 episodes (as of this article). There are no plans for Season 2 to be produced so far, and Marvel Studios has announced plans for the work over the next few years, but unfortunately no mention of Bucky’s re-appearance. Let’s burn the brave figure of Bucky into the eyes in the remaining two episodes.

Source: Uproxx

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