Why did the movie “Resident Evil” focus on humans rather than zombies? Milla Jovovich reveals

Game series by Capcom “resident EvilWas first made into a live-action movie in 2002. In the first work that marked the beginning of the series,zombieIt is finished as a work that focuses on humans rather than.

The reason was revealed in an interview with THE RIVER.Milla Jovovich.. From the first work in 2002 to the sixth work in 2016, he plays the role of Alice, the main character who bravely confronts the undead (zombies). Zombies are an indispensable element of “Resident Evil”, but the appearance of the first work was so terrible that it developed into a situation that changed the direction of the work.

“When I saw the first cut of” Resident Evil “,”Paul (Director WS Anderson), you can’t do this with zombies.Looks very terribleI honestly said, “It looks really bad and I need to cut it right away.”

The director, who listened to Milla Jovovich’s advice, seems to have successfully re-orbited into a more human-focused work in the end. “Many zombies will not appear in the end, but with the ingenuity of the actors, it became a work that feels tremendous fear.」。

After learning the lessons of the first work, the director tried to improve the visuals of the zombies by changing the production team after the second work. “Then he also hired cutting-edge young people, including technology and make-up artists.” When it came time to make “Resident Evil III” (2007), “The make-up artists who were making zombies were just amazing. The quality of zombies has improved dramatically,Incredibly scary“.

Milla Jovovich talked about Paul WS Anderson’s work in the “Resident Evil” series.I think he was the one who made the zombie model.“.

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