Why was the 2021 Academy Award for Best Actor last? ─ The absentee was also “risk was considered”

The 93rd meeting held on April 26, 2021Academy awardsThe award ceremony has been significantly redesigned from the conventional award ceremony. The order of presentations in each category was boldly changed, the footage of the work was cut, the performance of the song award was moved from the award ceremony to the pre-show, and instead the strict time limit was removed from the speeches of the winners. What surprised the viewers in particular was that the closing of the ceremony was not the Best Picture Award but the Best Actor Award. The Father’s award-winning Anthony Hopkins did not attend the ceremony, so no award-winning speech was given.

Rob Mills of the US ABC Bureau, who is in charge of the award ceremony, said about the composition of this time after the award ceremony“I took a lot of risk, and some may have seemed ineffective.”Said at Variety in the United States. On the other hand, he also revealed that he is feeling a great response.

It was great to be able to make something different than usual and not know what will happen next... Not only the last category (starring actor award), but the whole was replaced. Usually, the screenplay award is announced at the end of the game. Then, this time, I announced the director’s award early.[Omitted]The important thing was not to feel “it’s the same as usual”, but to make people think “what’s next?” “

However, the absence of the winner of the leading actor award, which marked the end of the award ceremony, was “unintended.” Mills reiterated that the production team at the award ceremony was not informed of the winners in advance. “I thought (even if there were no winners), but I went ahead with it. It was a very bold choice,” he said.

The risks were taken into consideration in advance, and I think it was rewarded because it became a hot topic... In the past, the (winner’s) envelope was mistaken, but no one wanted it. However, it became a topic in the same way. Some of you may have thought you missed some departments. Some would be angry and some would like it. It was important not to create indifference. “

Following recent conventions, there is no moderator at this award ceremony. The serious speech by Regina King began with a reflection of the fact that it was still in the midst of the Corona wreck. Film director Steven Soderbergh, who was the first producer of the Academy Awards ceremony, saw the broadcast of the ceremony as his new work, and the production team also considered the ceremony as a movie. As a result, the presenter was treated as a “performer”, and the broadcast was focused on the screen ratio and the number of frames per second.

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