“Wild Speed ​​/ Jet Break” Special video that collects only car actions ─ Collision & explosion, on-parade beyond imagination

The latest work in the “Furious” series “Fast & Furious / Jet Break]A masterpiece car that can be said to be a specialty of the seriesactionA new video “F9 | TOTAL CAR-NAGE” has arrived.

Collisions, explosions, aerial explosions, somersaults backwards, high-speed spins … In this video, which collects only the car actions that appear in this work, the scene of the main story and the shooting scenery are interwoven. It feels like all the performers are watching the car circus.

Many of the car actions seen in the video are not CG, but the moments of life by the top stunt drivers gathered at the scene. “Waispi” continues to evolve with each episode, but it seems that the variation of car stunts has been enhanced in this work as well.

Attention is the action by the car equipped with super strong magnetic force, which has become a hot topic as soon as the trailer is released. In this video as well, you can see the scene of a red sports car running on the road breaking through a building and plunging into a large truck running on the road ahead. Director Justin Lin had previously revealed that the scene, which lasted only four seconds, had “eight months of preparation, four days of filming, and three cars destroyed.”

In addition, there are merciless and powerful images such as the shooting scenery being carried out at the circuit site and the appearance of a passenger car hitting an armored car that is exploding in the city. In this work, it is whispered that the family will advance into space, but I would like to expect car action in the sky.

By the way, prior to this video, a special video “You Know It’s Fast When” that looks back on the legacy that “Furious” has conveyed in all eight works has also been released. Check it out as well.

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