“Wild Speed ​​/ Super Combo” Madame M role Eiza Gonzalez, positive to participate in female spin-off project “Enough motivation”

The completion of the main story is known as “wild speed]Series, but it seems that the universe will continue to expand in the future. Currently, the popular spin-off starring Dwayne Johnson & Jason StathamFast & Furious / Super Combo』(2019) and a spin-off project of female characters are in progress.

This time, the actress who plays a character who has the potential to appear in both of them is showing a positive attitude to participate in the “Waispi” universe in the future. Played Weapon Merchant Madam M in “Fast & Furious Presents”Eiza GonzalezThat’s right.

Gonzales, who joined the “Furious Presents” family in “Super Combo”, talked about his motivation in an interview with Collider in the United States. According to Gonzales, from the time when he was offered the role, the range of appearance of Madame M was not limited to “Super Combo”, but discussions were held with Universal Pictures, which was produced on the premise that it was within the “Waispi” universe. It is said that it was done in. “I also loved (Furious), so I wanted to find something universal.Gonzales looks back on the discussions at that time. It seems that there is a possibility that he will reappear in the future series, perhaps because of his extraordinary motivation and love for his work.

“In the end (in discussions), I felt” I’m motivated “.” I don’t like bit parts anyway. “Then, the possibilities for franchising opened up. Nowadays, women-only “Fast & Furious” projects are in operation, and it’s a huge franchise.

It was January 2019 that a big move was seen in the women’s spin-off project. Nicole Perlman & Geneva Robertson-Duwallet from Captain Marvel (2019) and Lindsey Beer from Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018) were appointed as screenwriters. The progress since then is unknown, but from Gonzales’ speech, it seems that work is still underway.

In addition, Gonzales received a direct offer from Dwayne, who also plays the role of Luke Hobbs, who also produces “Super Combo”, asking “I want you to appear in the movie”, and Vin, who plays the role of Dominic Toretto who leads the whole “Fast and Furious”.・ When he co-starred with Diesel in “Bloodshot” (2020), he also revealed that he was “insanely excited”. So to speak, it is no exaggeration to say that Gonzales has been endorsed by two important figures. It may become the main character who will lead the “Furious” universe in the future.

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