Winner of 6 categories at the “Minari” Academy Awards, comments arrived from Steven Yeun and others ─ “Life should be shared by everyone”

Steven YeunStarring / Executive Producer,A24& PLAN B movie “Minari“But,Academy awardsIn addition to the work award, he won the director’s award, the leading actor’s award, the supporting actress award, the script award, and the composition award.

Steven Yeun won the first Asian leading actor award, and Youn Yuh Jung won the first supporting actress award as a Korean actress.To commemorate this historic achievementOf the directorLee Isaac Chung, Producer’sChristina Oh, CastSteven YeunWhenYoon Yu JungComments arrived from. At the same time, a photo of the performers and director of “Minari” was released.

We would like to thank all the Academy members for their honor to be nominated with such wonderful artists. We are also very pleased that the talents of Youn Yuh Jung, Emile, and Christina have been recognized. If you’ve learned anything from last year’s experience, it means that life should be shared with everyone. Thank you for sharing here with the wonderful cast and staff. I wouldn’t be here without them.

I never dreamed that a Korean actress would be nominated for an Oscar! I can’t believe it’s me. It’s a real honor. Thanks to the Academy members, A24, PLAN B, Minari’s family, all the cast and staff. We made this work with love. And thank you for responding to that love. Thank you very much, Isaac. All thanks to you!

I am very honored. Thank you to all Academy members. Thanks also to my PLAN B family and A24 colleagues. I love Isaac, Stephen, Youn Yuh Jung, and Emile! Congrats! We all made beautiful things together.

Thank you to everyone at the Academy for this honor. When I was facing difficulties during the journey to create this work, I couldn’t even imagine what would happen. Now I finally understand why Oscar continues to have endless words of gratitude. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the cast and staff who worked hard behind the scenes, and to all the families who supported them. And especially thank you to our mother, father, sister, and our most important wife and daughter, for spending time with us in our small trailer house in Arkansaw. I am grateful for the benefits of the growth of the minari that my grandmother planted on the water’s edge.

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