Zack Snyder “Army of the Dead” New Trailer ─ Dave Bautista Fights Deadly With Zombie Horde, Hiroyuki Sanada Appears

Of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” seriesDave BautistaStarring,Zack SnyderSupervision,Netflixmovies”Army of the Dead]A new Japanese version trailer has been released. Pay attention to the speedy and thrilling action video that is typical of Snyder.

zombieLas Vegas was devastated by the outbreak and isolated from the outside world. The main character is Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), a hero who was active in the battle against zombies in a blockade operation. But now, as a diner cook on the outskirts of town, I make hamburgers every day. The trailer begins when casino owner Bry Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada) appears to him and asks, “Are you interested in a $ 50 million job?”

“We struggled to save a lot. It’s not rewarded. It’s a suggestion. Would you like to do something for yourself?” Ward, who has nothing to lose anymore, takes on this task and gathers deadly professional mercenaries to carry out the plan. When they get together, Tanaka begins to talk about the details of the plan. It rushes into a zombie-infested quarantine and collects $ 200 million in the casino’s underground vault, with a time limit of only 32 hours before the missile is shot into the city.

Then the plan began, and there was a scene that no one could have imagined. It was not a zombie that roamed the city, but an army called “Alpha” with high intelligence and athletic ability. “They are smarter than you think. They are agile and organized.” Not only humans, but also tiger zombies. With an approaching time limit, an underground vault that is said to be impossible to break through, zombies boasting overwhelming strength, and in a desperate situation, betting the ultimate catch and the biggest robbery plan in history begins …

The cast includes Dave Bautista, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ella Purnell from “The Legend of Tarzan: REBORN” (2016), Matthias Schweighhofer, and Omari Hardwick. For this work, a movie work that depicts the story of Tan the day before and an animation series are also in progress. Schweikhofer also directed and starred in the Prequel movie, and Dave, Ella and others will play the same role in the Prequel anime series “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas”.

The Netflix movie “Army of the Dead” will be exclusively distributed from May 21, 2021 (Friday).

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