Zack Snyder looks back on the influence of “Heat” on “Batman v Superman”

Batman vs Superman Justice BirthIn (2016)BatmanBruce WayneWhenSupermanClark KentForbidden confrontation was drawn, but hereMichael mannDirector’s masterpiece“Heat”It seems that there was an influence from (1995).Zack SnyderThe director and Chris Terrio, who co-wrote the script, are speaking at a virtual event.

“Heat” isAl PacinoWith detective Vincent Hana played byRobert de NiroDepicts the confrontation of Neil McCauley, the boss of the drug cartel played byClime·action. It is a 171 minute masterpiece in which two major actors confront each other.

“You and Ben (Affleck) talked about Michael Mann’s’Heat’, right?” Terio cuts out. “Pacino and De Niro get together for a moment. When I saw that, I heard that Batman had the same tone.”

In response to this, Director Snyder also said, “That’s right!At the first meeting of “Batman vs Superman”, you talked a little about incorporating the influence of “Heat”.I admit.

Terio’s “where Pacino and De Niro get together for a moment” can be seen as a sequence in which detective Vincent Hana and criminal Neil McCauley, played by the two, share coffee at a diner. Until then, the two had been fighting for a big catch to be killed or killed, but at night the diner had a one-on-one contact. While exploring each other and proceeding with the conversation, they realize that the two who are supposed to be at the opposite end are people with similar values. It is a famous scene where you can enjoy a sense of tension and a strange sense of security, with an anecdote that it was shot without rehearsal to produce reality.

In this sequence, Lt. Vincent Hana, a hot-blooded detective played by Pacino, talks about sacrificing his family and personal life for work. Hana could be replaced by Batman / Bruce Wayne. Neil McCauley, the boss of the drug cartel, cannot be replaced by Superman / Clark Kent as it is, but the influence of this famous scene of “Heat” where the two opposites face each other in a strange way, Batman and Superman I’m convinced that the aim is to incorporate it into the story. Or for Batman, even if it was thought of in connection with the theme of two sides of the same coin with his nemesis Joker, he could nod enough.

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