Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” New work after Snyder’s cut is “ultra-low-budget film” ─ Planning from 2016, finally realized

“Man of Steel” (2013) “Batman v Superman: The Birth of Justice” (2016)Zack SnyderThe director said, “Justice League: Zack Snyder’s Cut ”has revealed plans for a new movie. He talks at The New York Times.

For Zack, who was forced to leave while shooting the DC movie “Justice League” (2017), “Justice League: Zack Snyder’cut” based on his own concept is the first new work in about five years since “Batman vs Superman”. Will be. On May 21, 2021, the latest Netflix movie “Army of the Dead]Will also be delivered, but it seems that Zack is already preparing for the next project.

“Horse Latitudes”I’m trying to shape the movie. It’s a very low budget movie and I plan to shoot it in South Africa with my friends.A work about how death shapes oneself in a story about a man traveling to his pastis. I think I’m ready to make such a movie. “

This “Horse Latitudes” is a retitled version of the project “The Last Photograph”, which was reported to be produced in 2016. It was said to be a thriller movie set during the war, but it’s unclear if any changes were made to the concept at the time. In June 2018, Zack himself revealed a movie adaptation plan for Ayn Rand’s “Water Source” (Business-sha Co., Ltd.), but it is said that the plan has been put on hold.

“The’water source’is postponed and I don’t know how to make it happen. At least not right now. The division of the country has to be settled a little more, and a more liberal government should be born. If so, I don’t think the reaction of the audience will be fixed.[Omitted]I’m not in a hurry while watching the situation. “

Zack has been making comic movies for about 15 years since “300 ” (2007), but once with “Justice League: Zack Snyder’cut”, the tag with Warner Brothers / DC Comics Expected to end.Currently, Zack himself“Is it the end of making a comic movie, or will I be resting for a while?”To the question“I don’t think that way.”Answering.. It’s not an original comic, but an original project, but it seems that the experience of shooting “Army of the Dead” in collaboration with Netflix remains very positive.

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