“Zombie Movie Emperor” George A. Romero, the last project in his life started to be a movie ─ The final chapter of the “Living Dead” series

zombie(1978), the late “Zombie Movie Emperor”George A. RomeroThe final project by the director“Twilight of the Dead”Was found to be moving toward the realization of a movie. The Hollywood Reporter reports.

For Romero, who died of lung cancer in 2017, Twilight of the Dead was supposed to be the last zombie movie. The details of the story are unknown,“In a devastated world, humanity was almost gone, but hope may still remain.”Only the synopsis is open to the public.

The project is led by Romero’s wife, Sae Yamamoto Romero.I was writing Romero and the script during my lifetimePaolo ZeratiContinued to cast, and two new screenwriters, Joe Netter and Robert L. Lucas, joined. In the future, Sae Yamamoto will meet with the candidate for coach.

This work “Twilight of the Dead” starts with Romero’s debut work “Night of the Living Dead” (1968), “Zombie” and “Day of the Dead” (1985) “Land of the Dead” The “final chapter” that follows the flow of the works “Of the Dead” (2005). Zerati says,“Where are the zombies heading after the’Land of the Dead’?”It is said that this work was triggered by a question to Romero.

Romero has also produced two zombie films, Diary of the Dead (2007) and Survival of the Dead (2009), which are Night of the Dead. Things that are not related to the series of works that started with “Living Dead”. Zerati also said, “(These two works) were not conceived as the end of the series.”“‘Twilight of the Dead’ is Romero’s own farewell to the genre. He wanted to make a powerful movie at the end.”

Sae Yamamoto, who agreed to proceed with the project, said, “Because we are faithful to George’s vision, we have given permission on the condition that we are involved in every stage. We have made a wonderful draft and the script work has begun. I am absolutely confident that he will be happy. ” “This is the movie he wanted to make. No matter who directs it, it will surely be George A. Romero’s movie.”

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